Single girder eot crane wiki

What is a kind of eot crane? How many types do you know? Single girder and double gider, what’s the difference? What advantages of this cranes have compared to some other kinds of lifing machines? In this lsingle girder crane wiki post, you willl have your own answer about this kind of crane. With this knowledge in your mind, you can know how to choose a kind of single girder eot crane, and whay should you have one and how to choose it more cost effectively.

What is single girder eot crane?

Single girder eot crane is a kind of EOT Cranes (electric overhead travelling cranes), this kind of cranes are factory cranes can widely applide indoor rooms for materials applications. It poered by electrical parts, such as the electrical motors, can be installed on the roof of the warehoue with end trucks. In structure and configurations design, the double girder eot crane has single main bramy, with modular single trolley systems, and in crane specificaitons, this crane can be customzied for their working conditions’ facility. The single girder eot crane with the leading crane loading technology will be operated in a more stable way. The antiswing in the eot crane enable your operator run it more smmothly.

Types of single girder eot cranes some manufacturers can provide for you

Since configurations and specifications and working conditions vary, there are proof explosion single beam eot cranes, grab eot cranes with single beam, electric hoist single beam eot cranes, etc. Before deciding to buy a single girder eot crane, you should know what kind of eot crane you need for your factory, or f you do not know, you can ask your crane manufactures what kind of eot cranes they can provide for you. And selcet from the cranes they provide for you. Here are some types of single beam eot cranes for sale, please take a vist to:

Commons and Differences between single girder eot crane and double girder eot crane

The two type of cranes are both a type of electric overhead traclling cranes, and they both can be employed in the indoor rooms. Their biggest different can be easily seen from their names, one with single beam structure while they other with double beam. And theyeir working applications and rated loading capacitie are also different one from another. One is more cabable of loading heavy duty cranes in the large sapce wokring conditions and the other is not.


Advantage of double girder over single girder eot crane

Both the double girder eot crane and single girder cranes have their own advantages. Generally, the double girder eot cranes’ advantages overweigh the single girder eot crane in the following aspects:

  • Higher performance
  • Larger rated loadings
  • More balance and smoothful operations
  • Higher safety